Floating on AIM in the London Stock Exchange

A valid alternative of qualified financing for the small-medium companies in the most qualified market of the world

Members of Nova Studia, as legal professionals, practice with full interest the new developments of the alternative investments in the international stock markets.
Expandi of "Borsa Italiana" and AIM of London Stock Exchange represent only two among the other examples of how the small-medium companies can operate on several markets, obtaining more profit in their own commercial entreprises, through the activity of institutional buyers who follow their quotation.
In the Italian site you can find some brief guidelines for italian companies which might be interested in the topic.

They describe AIM, a valid secondary market of the London Stock Exchange that, in 2005, overpassed 365 new quotations (which means in a yaer more than one a day).

Below you can read a brief english description whereas on the italian website version you can fin the full article written by the lawyers of Nova Studia. 


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