Nova Studia Milano settled in Monza and Brianza

Nova Studia Milan extends its work area to the basilar hinterland biz zone of Milan called "Monza and Brianza district" with the entering in the professional alliance of Simone Facchinetti and his collaborators.

Monza and Brianza are well-known and defined by all the market operators like the very pulsing heart of the entire industrial system of Lombardia and north of Italy with specific interest for the companies who have developed their business nearby Milan.

Settled in the middle of Monza, Lecco e Como, milanese Brianza is a fundamental economical crossroads of Lombardia that covers a 363,80 kmq surface, that is more or less the 12,3% of the whole territory of Milan province. This area is composed by almost a million habitants and the main structural characteristics of the business system are synthesized by the high numbers of small and medium companies (the so-called PMI) also if there are present a lot of big and significant international leading companies, with about 69.389 registered companies (2005 datas).

Economical main represented sectors are buildings, real estate, software, service and manufacturing corporations.

After a long term collaboration and mutual esteem Simone Facchinetti and Nicola Tilli decide to achieve this new and deeper agreement that increase all the potential services provided to the Italian and foreign clients.

Some events will be organized in Brianza to present the network "Nova Studia" in its professional skills.

Simone has developed a very full experience in all the matters of civil and commercial law that are the topics of our network and we are sure that our new members will increase our network value.