Commercial Law - New legal discipline of legal interest in the commmercial transactions

Nicola Tilli will be at the Economic Faculty of "Università del Piemonte Orientale"in Novara, as a lecturer, on May 12th 2005

The new discipline about delay in the payment regardins commercial transactions develops some interesting and concrete effects of sure incidenza in deals between debtors and creditors.
The new law provides to make more difficult the economic conditions of the debtor guilty of breach fo contract for a better funzionamento of the general
system of commercial deals, based on a strong deterrente of a punitive legal interest calculated on the semestral index of money cost published bu EU Central Bank, addicted of 7 points. 
Other relevants news are provided by the legislation about the armonitation of this discipline with the european system (EU directives) on which it is based.