Consumer Law

Unified Code for all legislation regarding consumer protection

On 23 October 2005, the Consumer Code will enter into force.  This new code will unify the extensive rules concerning consumer protection in Italy. 

The new code regulates all mandatory consumer rights and specifically nullifies any provisions to the contrary.  Subsidiary contractors are regulated not only from a contractual point of view, but also in the pre-contractual phase and in any situation of significant legal value, together with all actors in the production and distribution cycle of goods and services. 
The new law provides mechanisms to handle situations where the inherent weakness of the consumer's negotiating position come into play.  Contractual terms that tend to conflict with mandatory consumer protections will be considered abusive and invalid.  The code also defines rights relative to individual and collective consumer interests;  favors alternative dispute resolution, reinforces the status of consumer associations in court proceedings, strengthens penalities for lack of transparency in television promotions and requires the CIRC to bring consumer credit norms in line with European Directives.