Legal compliance

Evaluation of sector regulatory compliance with Legislative Decree 231/2001 on corporate responsibility, workplace safety, privacy, anti-money laundering, environmental legislation, stock exchange self-discipline code, etc..

Drafting related compliance documents; organization and management model 231; protocols on safety at work; codes of ethics.

Consultancy on legal profiles of corporate governance documents.

Furthermore, we offer legal support for the audit and compliance function in company checks and risk analyses.

Insurance Law

Assistance and consultancy regarding insurance products on contractual profiles.

Management of relationships between the company and intermediaries.

Insurance management of industrial accidents under civil liability.

Consultancy on supplementary pension and supplementary healthcare products.

Judicial assistance of agency networks and (or) intermediaries in internal relationships and those with the principal companies.

Corporate and commercial law

Assistance and consultancy on corporate legal issues.

BUT; Joint ventures, ATI.

Drafting of syndicate agreements and shareholder agreements.

We are drafting compliance documentation (governance, codes of ethics, management models).

Management of liquidations insolvency procedures.

Responsibilities of directors and managers (corporate, environmental crimes, etc.).

Establishment of domestic and foreign subsidiaries (cross-boarding).

Legal assistance and consultancy in business risk policies.

Internal and international contracts

We are preparing and drafting domestic and international contracts at every stage of internal or international negotiation, drafting or transaction.

Joint venture contracts, distribution agreements, agency contracts, franchising.

Sales, leasing and procurement contracts.

Business contracts, network contracts.

Business procurement contract, sales concession, commercial affiliation.

Complementary Pension and Supplementary Healthcare

Assistance and consultancy regarding creating vehicles intended for raising funds for supplementary pension or healthcare purposes.

Constitution of fund statutes.

Assistance in establishing agreements between funds and entities managing financial resources or providing services.

Assistance in relations with sector authorities.

In-house Training

Assistance in training client about managing banking insurance financial and commercial contracts and internal documents.

Assistance in drafting protocols and procedures in compliance matter provided by Law and Regulation 8for examplce AML and GDPR)

Assistance in organizing audits in specific areas for needs occured by specific violation or in prevention’s controls.



Legal training carried out in-house for primary clients in the various subjects covered by the network.

Creation of e-learning platforms.

Events for professional development.

Training dedicated to the creation of new divisions or business areas.

Classroom training with exercises on contractual models or management protocols.

Novastudia Professional Alliance offers its customers a training and refresher platform for management and staff in the relevant subjects for the company.

Novastudia professionals’ training unit specialises in the training and academic field in providing courses and in carrying out application practices in the company.

We provide the e-learning platform on

Made in Italy and Food Law

Legal protection of Made in Italy according to current legislation.

Civil profiles.

Connected crimes: hypotheses of counterfeiting.

Administrative and customs protection.

Protection of intellectual property deriving from patents and trademarks.

Definition of biz plans and development projects.

Product distribution agreements and growth on the made-in market.

Opening branches, divisions or operational branches relating to the internationalization of the product.

Legal assistance in creating promotion, sales and distribution portals and sites.

Drafting and negotiation of agreements with partners.

Litigation, arbitration and ADR

Management of litigation in civil, commercial, corporate and labour law matters.

Enforcement following foreign decisions.

Recognition and enforcement of decisions issued by foreign jurisdictions against Italian defendants.

Domestic and international arbitration procedures as an arbitrator or party defender.

Insurance litigation; litigation relating to intellectual property (trademarks, patents).

Banking, financial and tax law litigation.

Debt collection.

Labour law litigation concerning both employee clients (managerial employees) and on behalf of the employing company.

Corporate Criminal Law

Drafting of 231 forms.

Assistance and advice on safety at work.

Anti-money laundering compliance.

Preparation of documentation for environmental protection within the company.

White Collar Crimes: Defense of management in corporate trials.

Assistance in the management of crimes deriving from bankruptcy and bankruptcies.

International Law and EU Law

Management and resolution of disputes with extraneous elements in inheritance, property, trusts, divorces, and international adoptions.

Analysis and management of testamentary provisions in favour of foreign heirs.

Management of trusts with assets located abroad, foreign beneficiaries.

Assistance and consultancy regarding adoption and international adoption.

Assistance in the procedures for obtaining Italian citizenship.

Debt collection abroad.

Donations and management of assets (including hereditary) allocated abroad.

We are handling child abduction cases.

Civil liability between foreigners.

Management of partnerships and companies between Italian and foreign companies.

Establishment of branches, business divisions, and subsidiaries of foreign holding companies.

Industrial Law and IT Law