Nicola Tilli on October 2010, the 15th and 16th spokesman for International Research Institute about internal auditing.

Nicola Tilli, in the context of the renewed partnership with IIR, during the sessions of October 2010, discussed the most significant issues about internal auditing.

Nova Studia Milan worked as consultant for the incorporation of a Luxembourg Real Estate Fund.

Nova Studia-Milan Professionals worked as consultants to incorporate a Luxembourg SICAV, promoted by Italian Clients, in collaboration with Securities & Compliance of Gentili Garlati & Partners Group, obtained by CSSF the authorization on October 2010.

Michele Baroc speaker at ANF Parma Seminar on Family Trust.

Family Law Contracts: how to protect family assets.

Michele Baroc was involved in lawyer training for legal professionals on the protection of family assets.

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