Giovanni Nosengo and Nicola Tilli speakers for International Institute of Research on the subject of International Contracts.

On May 24th, 2013, Giovanni Nosengo and Nicola Tilli will be Speakers on the First Edition of the Masterclass in International Contracts.

The event results from an idea by Novastudia promoted by IIR, International Institute of Research (Istituto Internazionale di Ricerca).


Simone Facchinetti marks the spot about EXPO Dubai 2020 on portal "Cittadino di Monza e Brianza".

Simone explains briefly the opportunities for ITA Companies which want to face that market (UAE - Dubai) more and more opened to the offering of specialized ITA companies in lot of sectors(

Nicola Tilli trainer for SNA (ITA Intermediaries Trade Union) on 29th 30th Nov and1st, 3rd Dec 21 speaking on compliance of insurance intermediaries and connected inspections.

Compliance items of insurance Intermediaries change considering mandatory documents and declarations describing the insurance products and looking to the so-called POG (product oversight governance), Data Protection Programs and Anti Money Laundering (AML).

These duties might originate inspections and disputes.

Drawing a path with the right and efficient tools is necessary for adequate compliance.

SLT & Partners Nova Studia Milano in short list by Le Fonti as finalist at the Event "Le Fonti Awards" 2021 Ed. - Principe di Savoia Milano il 25 novembre 2021 (copy 1).

SLT Nova Studia Milan is active in assisting and furnishing consultancy to ITA and International Companies with solid reference to Data Protection items and has been indicated as a finalist from "Le Fonti" editorial staff as a boutique int the above sector for achieving the 2021 "Le Fonti" Awards.

Nimaja Consulting (digital partners of Nova Studia in legal solution for insurers) and SLT & Partners (Nova Studia MIlano) has been speakers for SNA Milan on insurance compliance.

On 29th Sept 2021 in Parabiago (MI), in the context of the charm Villa Corvini, a training event took place for SNA (ITA Intermediaries Trade Union) on insurance compliance.

Nicola Tilli by Novastudia and Angelo Ottaviani by Nimaja Consulting were speakers, explaining how digital tools (software) can easily support the doc compliance of the Intermediaries category.

Simone Facchinetti winner at Le Fonti for the fifth consecutive time as ITA Legal of the year in the connection with the Middle East countries.

Simone, who has working for many years as a representative of the ITA Chamber of Commerce in the Arab Emirates, confirms his professional solid presence as a referral in that area where he si working also in connection with EXPO 2022, which recently opened in DUBAI.

See the recent interview of S- Facchinetti at

Simone Facchinetti (Nova Studia Milan) is co-author for Maggioli Ed. of "Arte e Fisco" (copy 1).

The book, with cases and examples, is a valuable support for any professional to get oriented and informed about legal aspects and taxation on the Art matter from a contractual point of view.

The treatment arises from the definition of RT work and the Copyright system for going deeper into the Courts' remedies, arbitration and mediation, showing how to proceed and underlining the concrete scenarios.

Nicola Tilli by Nova Studia and Stefano Mingardi by Martinez & Novebaci published for Maggioli Ed "Il Trust".

Nicola Tilli has been involved in treating some compliance profiles such as models and protocols concerning crime prevention, AML and some other innovative shapes like Data Trust (the possibility to settle in a Trust some assets economically evaluable like personal data).

Stefano Mingardi explained some profiles of the Trust with a comprehensive and clear explanation.

See in

IVASS gives green light to the Appointment of Nicola Tilli as Data Protection Officer of Tirrena Insurance Group.

The Insurance Companies Supervisory Authority (IVASS) authorized the charge Commissioner of Tirrena Insurance Group to appoint Nicola Tilli as the Group's DPO to ensure the protection of the processing of personal data involved in the procedure.

Nova Studia with the endorsement of UE Observatory on Privacy organizes a seminar on Pension Funds and Privacy.

Nova Studia Milan, with its partners Lucerna Iuris by Marco Maglio (co-author and top expert on Data Protection in Italy) and Parametrica (service on Pension Funds), set up a brief meeting on Privacy Compliance in Pension Funds with the endorsement of UE Observatory on Privacy in Milan on Apr 19th.