Prof. Lwr. Serafino Ruscica head of Nova Studia Formazione.

Nova Studia proudly announces that Prof. Lwr. Serafino Ruscica is now director of Nova Studia Formazione, our unit devoted to education and legal training for professionals, individuals and companies.

SLT&Partners - Nova Studia Milan opens new office in via S. Francesco d'Assisi, n. 8 (copy 1).

Starting the month of January 2015, SLT&Partners - Nova Studia Milan joined forces with Fabio Zanati and launched the third office of the law firm in Milan, via San Francesco, n. 8 (just across via Quadronno).

Our law firm now has 500 square meters of available space with 23 working professionals.

Fabio Zanati joins n SLT&Partners - Nova Studia Milan.

It's with particular pleasure that we are glad to announce that Fabio Zanati and Nicola Tilli have rejoined each other by entering Fabio in SLT & Partner, a Milanese member of Nova Studia Professional Alliance.

Fabio Zanati began his professional career in collaboration with Nicola Tilli in 1999 and then walked alone, opening his office in Milan.

The two members always remained in contact, so now Fabio and his equipment of five professionals are getting increasingly interested in the professional offering of SLT - Nova Studia Milan.