Luponio Como e associati entering in Nova Studia Professional Alliance.

Nova Studia is honoured to acquire, as a new member of the network, the firm Luponio, Como and associates.

The law firm was founded in Rome by Ennio Luponio in 1970. Since then, it has expanded its team with the arrival of the Advocate Sergio Como and eventually boasting its team to 20 professionals and consultants, including some renowned Italian academics.

The joining of the Luponio and Como law firm will considerably strengthen the network by widening the range of skills and competencies of Nova Studia.

This synergy is based primarily on a solid complementary experience, friendship and a similar approach to the legal profession. For this reason, Nicola Tilli and Michele Baroc warmly welcome Ennio and all the new colleagues at Rome.

Nova Studia opening in Poland (Poznan).

New offices in Poland with Urbaniak Law Firm in the network.

Novastudia joins Urbaniak Law Firm (Poland professionals) in its network.

For a couple of years, Nova Studia founding member Michele Baroc worked in deep contact with the Polish market through the association of Margherita Prokop in Parma.

Margherita is one of the few professionals with skills in Italian and Polish Law, being a member of the Italian Bar Association (as an established attorney in Italy) and originally a member of the Polish Bar Association (Radca prawny).

For this reason, Novastudia has become a credited law firm in the professionals' list of Polish Consulate in Milan and worked as an expert in International Law for clients that need legal assistance involving Italian-Polish topics.