Attached is Novastudia Milan's self-published brochure on contractual management of services to companies operating in Aerospace and satellite systems management

Starting from the compliance experiences gained in the Data Protection and related Cybersecurity market Novastudia has expanded its scope of action by assisting leading suppliers operating in the Aerospace market.

The brief handbook deals with the pre-contractual and contractual management services related to the services required by the contractors in the various phases also with reference to the preparation of the bids required by the calls for tenders of the European Authorities of the sector

The project presentation aero space may 2023.pdf

The project presentation aero space may 2023.pdf

The project presentation aero space may 2023.pdf

Cybercrime and banking liability

In the “Diritto e Giustizia” review by Giuffre’ Ed, some reflections on the responsibilities of banking institutions in case of a breach of customer profile and consequent related damages.

Starting from this year, on Assoprevidenza website, published the newletter by Novastudia on data protection

Assoprevidenza, the national trade association for supplementary pension plans, is from this year publishing for its members the data protection newsletter prepared monthly by nova studia for its clients.

A small educational handbook on privacy published by Mondadori (Focus Junior)

Meritorious initiative by Mondadori and Focus Junior.

From an idea of its Director Sara Pozzoli, with the consent of ITA Privacy Authority (Garante), a booklet dedicated to minors and teen-agers has been published aiming to educate the new generations on the issue of personal data and the dangers associated with the misuse of personal data.

Legal advice is provided by Miriam Polini of Novastudia.

Simone Facchinetti by Novastudia Milano co-author for Maggioli Ed. of "Arte e Fisco"

This book, with cases and examples, is a useful support for the operators to be oriented in the legal profiles of the art world.

The explanations take place by the definition of artwork and copyright for examining also the available legal proceedings, mediation and arbitration, describing the concrete scenarios.

Trust by Nicola Tilli and Stefano Mingardi - a work on the basics of this topic

The manual deals with the issues of the institution of trusts from the point of view of international legislation and transposition In Italy, offering the basic tools for an in-depth study of the subject,

Also important is the part referring to the compliance that practitioners must keep under various profiles when dealing with trusts.

It was a pleasure an honour to work with Stefano Mingardi a colleague and leading professional in the field of trusts who honoured me with his participation and professionalism.

Insurance intermediaries' obligations and IVASS regulations - an intervention on the Lazio Regional Administrative Court (TAR) ruling of June 23, 2021

Nicola Tilli comments on the TAR ruling that innovated on certain obligations of intermediaries originally provided for in IVASS Reg. 41/2018 in DIritto e Giustizia by Giuffre’ Editore.

GDPR for banks, accountability and e proportionality: what the law provides

In this case, law an Ita primary banking institute has been sanctioned (€ 600.000) in connection with a Data breach.
Many considerations arise from the case offering the opportunity to reflect on the rules about the new GDPR rules to understand how banks can be compliant in the best way.

GDPR for banks, accountability and proportionality: what the Law provides by Nicola Tilli on Cybersecurity 360

The case of an ITA primary banking institute sanctioned (600.000) for a Data breach spread out many considerations on GDPR rules, for understanding how banks can reach the best compliance.

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Contract tracing and safety of fundamental rights: a critical analisys of tha actual situation

Contact tracing App Immuni is active in all of Italy and can be interesting to describe some meta-legal arguments regarding the “ratio” of the thin balance of rules through which must be spread some fundamental ad opposite rights of the same value such as the public interest of common health and, on the other side, the individual freedoms.

On Cybersecurity 360 by Nicola Tilli