Simone Facchinetti by Novastudia Milano co-author for Maggioli Ed. of "Arte e Fisco"

This book, with cases and examples, is a useful support for the operators to be oriented in the legal profiles of the art world.

The explanations take place by the definition of artwork and copyright for examining also the available legal proceedings, mediation and arbitration, describing the concrete scenarios.

Simone Facchinetti (Nova Studia Milan) is co-author for Maggioli Ed. of "Arte e Fisco" (copy 1).

The book, with cases and examples, is a valuable support for any professional to get oriented and informed about legal aspects and taxation on the Art matter from a contractual point of view.

The treatment arises from the definition of RT work and the Copyright system for going deeper into the Courts' remedies, arbitration and mediation, showing how to proceed and underlining the concrete scenarios.

Trust by Nicola Tilli and Stefano Mingardi - a work on the basics of this topic

The manual deals with the issues of the institution of trusts from the point of view of international legislation and transposition In Italy, offering the basic tools for an in-depth study of the subject,

Also important is the part referring to the compliance that practitioners must keep under various profiles when dealing with trusts.

It was a pleasure an honour to work with Stefano Mingardi a colleague and leading professional in the field of trusts who honoured me with his participation and professionalism.