Novastudia Newsletter - January 2013

Novastudia Newsletter for January 2013 is now online.

Studio de Virgiliis - New Partner for Bologna.

Nova Studia welcomes among his partners Studio de Virgiliis, located in Bologna.

Studio de Virgiliis' contribution is fundamental as It will complete Nova Studia's service offerings with the experience, education and proficiency as auditors and registered accountants of our professionals in Bologna.

Coming soon - New member of Novastudia in Bologna.

Nova Studia is glad to announce that in the following days, it will finalize a new partnership with a well-known professional firm from Bologna, working for 40 years, which will enter the network, making the offer for private and commercial worldwide clients.

Novastudia members promoters and speakers at Seminar of ANF Parma on "Trusts".

Michele Baroc, Giovanni Nosengo and Nicola Tilli will be speakers at a two-day in parma by ANF (an ITA Lawyer Association), treating all the aspects and profiles of the Law on Trusts.