Nicola Tilli speaker for IIR (Istituto internazionale di Ricerca) on internal auditing - law principles.

Renewing his participation at IIR seminars, Nicola Tilli will speak in October 2011 about international auditinglaw - law principles, also focusing on the recent news about Corporate Liability matters (d.lgs. 231/2001).


Nicola Tilli and Giovanni Nosengo are speakers for the international research institute on the topic of legal compliance.

Nicola Tilli and Giovanni Nosengo will speak on legal compliance for the International Research Institute on 26 and 27 October 2011. The most significant reference regulations for the company will be examined with ideas and insights for a correct and integrated application.


Nova Studia opening in Lugano.

Nova Studia Professional Alliance opens new headquarters in Switzerland.

Co-founders of Nova Studia Professional Alliance in Italy, Nicola Tilli and Michele Baroc, are proud to announce the inauguration of the first Nova Studia new headquarters abroad in Lugano, Switzerland.

Novastudia Lugano will work with a team of accountants, analysts and local lawyers, offering the clients a professional desk on that market.

As always, the new team's mission in Lugano is to assist with adequate counselling for cross-border transactions, corporate business, banking and finance. Novastudia Lugano can support Italian and International companies or individuals who want to move or start a business in Switzerland with the benefit of all the opportunities and incentives that the market and the Swiss Federation offer at this time.

The consultants of Nova Studia Lugano are therefore available to private and institutional clients via Pioda 14.