Nicola Tilli by Nova Studia and Stefano Mingardi by Martinez & Novebaci published for Maggioli Ed "Il Trust".

Nicola Tilli has been involved in treating some compliance profiles such as models and protocols concerning crime prevention, AML and some other innovative shapes like Data Trust (the possibility to settle in a Trust some assets economically evaluable like personal data).

Stefano Mingardi explained some profiles of the Trust with a comprehensive and clear explanation.

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Insurance intermediaries' obligations and IVASS regulations - an intervention on the Lazio Regional Administrative Court (TAR) ruling of June 23, 2021

Nicola Tilli comments on the TAR ruling that innovated on certain obligations of intermediaries originally provided for in IVASS Reg. 41/2018 in DIritto e Giustizia by Giuffre’ Editore.